Work Experience

Senior Software Engineer @GE Digital


As a Senior Software Engineer at GE Digital, I focus my work and attention on building out Predix Platform compatible Micro Services dedicated to client-facing Web Applications. I also work with other engineers, providing guidance and mentorship while also learning from them in return.

Skills Utilized & Expanded: Mentoring & Leadership Skills, Java, SaaS & SOA Design Principles, Spring Framework, Predix Compatible Micro Services, UI/UX Development skill sets, Hibernate & SQL.

Lead Software Developer @Xalops Studios


At Xalops Studios, I am responsible for all aspects of the Application Development Process. I have helped to create and deploy Android Applications, Windows Phone Applications, and Web Based Applications that utilize the Spring Framework, Boot Strap, AngularJS, MongoDB, HTML5 and CSS3 Web Technologies.

Software Engineer @GE Digital

AUG 2016 - JUL 2017

With GE Digital, I have worked heavily on Micro Service Oriented Application Design. Focusing on developing the foundation layer for Predix Platform compatible Micro Services to be used for all future development performed by the application team. I have worked to increase efficiency by developing Coding Templates for use in our Micro Service Application and helped to guide the team in our efforts to solve the needs of our users.

Skills Utilized & Expanded: Java, SaaS & SOA Design Principles, Spring Framework, Predix Compatible Micro Services, UI/UX Development skill sets, Hibernate & SQL, Mentoring & Leadership Skills

Software Engineer @GE Oil & Gas

NOV 2015 - AUG 2016

For GE Oil & Gas, I work within a team of developers and engineers that are responsible for the development and maintenance of Predix Platform applications as well as several Predix Platform Micro Services. We aim to provide our customers with quality applications and tools that help ensure the current state of high value hardware can be understood, interpreted, and analyzed as needed.

I continued to act as a Professional Craftsperson for several SWEAP Interns that worked with our team.

Java Software Engineer @GE Capital

MAY 2014 - NOV 2015

At GE Capital, I work with a team of developers on both new and legacy Web Applications. Our goal is to reduce the time and costs that our customers must invest, while also trying to alleviate some of the pain points and burdens they experience.

I also acted as a Professional Craftsperson within our SWEAP program, with the goal of helping to develop the talents and skillsets of our Interns.

Application Development Specialist @IBM

AUG 2013 - MAY 2014

During my time at IBM I was responsible for collaborating with teams to assess feasibility of projects, analyze requirements, plan system concepts, develop and implement systems in both test and live settings. While there, I worked with Data Ware House Migrations, Web Application Development Utilizing Java, and Materials Management using SAP Software & Solutions.

Software Developer @Simplefusion, Inc.

DEC 2012 - AUG 2013

While working at SimpleFusion, Inc, I was responsible for program functionality, user interface, and design concept of several projects ranging from client support features to full scale production systems.

Application Developer @Catapult Creative Media

JUN 2012- AUG 2013

Throughout my stay at Catapult Creative Media, I worked on back-end design and functionality, database administration, and system specification analysis for client based projects. I also worked on system management and improvement features for previously existing and custom in-house Financial and CRM systems.

Software Development Consultant @The Smyth Group

NOV 2011 - MAR 2012

As a Consultant for the Smyth Group, I started developing and learning basic Mobile Application Development Concepts and eventually moved into Android based Mobile Application Development for contracted projects.

Systems Analyst Intern @State Farm Insurance

MAY 2009 - JUN 2009

For my internship at State Farm Insurance's corporate offices, I worked as a Systems Analyst Intern on a team of four members. We were to maintain a given set of screens crucial to State Farm Agents being able to create new Insurance Policies. I reverse engineered the program logic for the modules that used this aspect of the system, debugged and corrected issues that were present within the modules, and created documentation the company was missing and needed.

Education & Certifications

B.S., Computer Information Systems @Northwestern State University of Louisiana

2006 - 2012

Associate Computer Professional (ACP) @ICCP

MAR 2010