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Unleash your imagination upon the world with the help of our applications as you let them take the role of your henchmen and help to bring your stories to life.


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Historian Path


The historian knows the politics playing out across the realms. They feed on the substance of societies and cultures alike. Kingdoms & empires, history & lore. All lay waiting to be placed in context by the historian.

Improviser Path


They say the best laid plans oft go awry. The Improviser has no need for such things. Fearing the inevitable serves little benefit and hinders the progression of our story. Let's test your mettle while the realms teeter on the brink of destruction.

Mastermind Path


The concept that knowledge equals power is a silly thought. Knowledge lends itself well to power and can dictate your position on the battlefield. The Mastermind comes out on top because they design the battlefield themselves.

World Builder Path

World Builder

As the sun rises and the moon sets, the World Builder comes down harsh upon the land. Mountains are pushed aside like a child's plaything and the shifting of tides causes untold destruction. The world is not what it once was. And this is just the beginning.

Yet again we meet at the

Archivist Elements

We have traveled the realms. Watched empires rise and kings fall to devious machinations. Talked with the patrons of many taverns and encounter many more looking for help within these dangerous realms. At the end of our journey, we meet yet again. It blocks our path of discovery, hides our vision from our eyes, and hinders us along oour path of creation. But with the right tools, it limits our potential no more. Let the Archivist Elements help you break past these blockades in your way.

Who are we?

JuliƩn, Development Lead

Ignorance has its advantages. A universe of surprises is what I pray for!

Grace, Editing Lead

Nothing is impossible, the word itself says "I'm possible!"
Audrey Hepburn

Zach, Quality Assurance Lead

You're only given a little spark of madness. You mustn't lost it.
Robin Williams